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Old Production Base

In 1999, YINENG was established, and our factory was pretty big at that time. In the following years, we developed very fast, and our annual production capacity increased from dozens to thousands of construction equipment. Accordingly, this production base could no longer satisfy our production requirement, and we acquired a piece of 120,000-square meter-large land on the opposite of our factory in 2009 to build up a new, modernized production base. At the end of 2010, we moved to the new production base.

However, business affairs are still dealt with in the old factory because we don’t want to waste money in constructing another office building since the old one still works well. Our office building provides a comfortable working place for Administration Department, Sales Department, Technical Center and so on, and it has 3 meeting rooms in total. In particular, the Technical Center takes up a very large office area, and about half of our engineers work here while the rest work in the new production workshops.

Now, this factory is the major production base of agricultural machinery: machining, welding, assembling, painting and other manufacture procedures are carried out here.

New Production Base

The new production base is approximately 120,000m2 large, and it consists of seven workshops that have lots of leading-edge production equipment, like plasma cutting machine, punch press, boring mill, machining center, welding equipment, etc. Our assembly workshop has drawn the attention of many visitors, because dust-free workshop, though very necessary for superior product quality, is rarely seen in ordinary factories.

For quality considerations, every engineering and farm equipment must undergo a 40-minute inspection to check if there is any problem in manufacturing and assembling, thus making sure that only impeccable machine is shipped to our valuable customers.

Painting is very important for heavy construction equipment, and before painting, there are some necessary treatments including shot blasting, polishing, leveling with putty and so on. In this way, high-quality products are manufactured.