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Agricultural Machinery

    1. Briquette PressOutput 0.6-2.4t/h
      Briquette density 0.8-1.3t/m³
      Used for pressing high-density fuel briquettes, the briquette press is suitable for individual farmers as well as small and medium sized enterprises.
    1. Round BalerOperating Speed 2-8km/h
      The round baler picks up and then bundles straws or hays. Featuring small size and light weight, it is suitable for use in various farmlands.
    1. Chaff CutterAs a trusted agricultural machinery manufacturer, YINENG offers you premium chaff cutters in a variety of specifications. With the production efficiency ranging from 0.4 to 30 tons per hour, the electric chaff cutter can be used to cut various crop stalks and grasses in small, medium or large livestock farms.

YINENG is not only a professional material handling equipment supplier in China, but is also a major agricultural machinery provider with over 15 years of experience in the manufacturing of farm equipment.

Our farm machinery mainly covers briquette press, round baler and chaff cutter, and these products are very popular in more than 30 countries due to their reasonable price and reliable performance. On the other hand, we have distributors in over 10 countries around the globe, including Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

If you are in need of such agricultural machinery or OEM service, please contact us at any time!