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Skid Steer Loader

    1. YN845 Skid Steer LoaderRated load 700kg
      Bucket capacity 0.4m3
      Equipped with a XINCHAI engine, the skid steer loader is able to adapt to various working environments. It comes with a mechanical column or a pilot-operated joystick.
    1. YN860 Skid Steer LoaderRated load 850kg
      Bucket capacity 0.5m3
      This skid steer loader comes with a large frame and a high power engine, capable of fitting a wide range of attachments.
    1. YN875 Skid Steer LoaderRated load 1050kg
      Bucket capacity 0.55m3
      The skid steer loader uses dual throttle control and automatic leveling system, making operation smooth and comfortable. It comes with a DEUTZ engine.
    1. YN8100 Skid Steer LoaderRated load 1500kg
      Bucket capacity 0.6-0.7m3
      With a compact structure, this skid steer loader is suitable for working in narrow space. It can be attached with a wide range of accessories for various applications.

The skid steer loader is derived from conventional wheel loader, but it adopts some innovative designs both in structure and function to better meet practical needs. For example, it offers strong power output despite of its compact body, and it is capable of zero-radius pirouette turning whilst four wheel drive is also applied. As a result, this earth moving equipment is extremely suitable for material handling jobs in port, wharf, ship as well as other narrow places, and it also fits for road maintenance, agricultural irrigation, mining enterprise, construction site, etc.

Diverse Function
Our skid steer loader is a typical piece of multifunctional construction machinery, and it can be equipped with a broad range of attachments to get work done efficiently. More specifically, if coupled with proper attachment, this skid steer will be applicable for material loading, material lifting, ground drilling, road cleaning, road compaction, concrete mixing, concrete distribution, trenching, bulldozing, bale handling, jerrycan transportation, plates transportation, grass grabbing, log grabbing, snow removal and many more.

YINENG tries to provide durable and versatile skid steer loaders to boost your business!