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Backhoe Loader

    1. WZ30-25 Backhoe Loader

      Our 2.5T loader backhoe is exceptionally suitable for working in narrow places, and it is often utilized for landscaping, pipe laying, cable laying and other jobs involved in road building, municipal construction, agricultural construction, water conservancy project.

      Rated load 2500kg
      Maximum speed 22km/h
      Adopting an articulated frame, this backhoe loader enjoys a small turning radius. It uses hydraulic transmission for improved reliability.

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    1. YN870 Backhoe LoaderRated load 2500kg
      Maximum speed 22km/h
      As a combination of loader and excavator, the backhoe loader is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine as well as highly reliable torque converter and gearbox.

Our backhoe loader is well received in European and American countries, and it gives more than you have expected in appearance and performance!

The backhoe loader is developed on the basis of our wheel loader, but it is capable of both digging and material loading, making it a piece of cost-effective multifunctional construction machinery that could finish various jobs with ease even under most arduous conditions.

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