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Backhoe Loader / 2500KG Backhoe Loader

As a combination of excavator and wheel loader, the WZ30-25 backhoe loader boasts superior digging capacity, and it is able to load materials into its bucket on adverse ground conditions, and it could also lift pallets. So, with this multifunctional construction machinery, all work could be done, and you don't have to buy a wheel loader and an excavator together, thus greatly saving your purchase cost.

Our 2.5T loader backhoe is exceptionally suitable for working in narrow places, and it is often utilized for landscaping, pipe laying, cable laying and other jobs involved in road building, municipal construction, agricultural construction, water conservancy project, water supply system, power supply system and so on.

Technical Data of WZ30-25 Backhoe Loader

Overall Dimensions
Length×Width×Height 5910×2268×3760(mm)
Wheel base 2250(mm)
Track 1640(mm)
Min. ground clearance 300(mm)
Main Technical Specification
System Pressure
Hydraulic loading system 18MPa
Hydraulic digging system 20MPa
Hydraulic steering system 12MPa
System Flow 120L/min
Four-wheel drive, full hydraulic system
Total operating weight 7600kg
Maximum speed 22Km/h
Maximum gradeability 30°
Loading bucket capacity 1m³
Rated loading 2500KG
Maximum articulated height of bucket 3400(mm)
Bucket discharge height 2795(mm)
Bucket discharge distance 1048(mm)
Load lifting capacity 25KN
Bucket automatic leveling function Yes
Bucket lifting time 6.8s
Bucket falling time 2.5s
Bucket discharge time 1.2s
Maximum tractive force 39KN
Maximum breakout force 38KN
Backacter bucket capacity 0.3m3
Backacter bucket discharge height 3878(mm)
Maximum digging depth 4080(mm)
Maximum digging radius 5688(mm)
Backacter bucket slewing angle 190°
Backacter bucket digging capacity 46KN
Bucket stick digging capacity 31KN
Diesel Engine
Model Dongfeng Cummins 4BTA3.9-C100, YTO YTR4108G60-1
Type Turbocharging four-stroke
Rated power 74KW/100HP, 55KW/74HP
Rated speed 2200 r/min, 24002200 r/min
Cylinder - internal diameter 4-110, 4-108
Maximum torque 310NM, 261.7N.M/1800R/MIN
Minimum fuel consumption 245g/kw.h, 216 g/kw.h
Displacement 4.5L, 4.4L
Transmission System
Gearbox Fixed shaft power shift
Gear shift 2 forward shift, 2 reverse shift
Torque converter YJ-280
Drive pump CDXaf3016-IL
Flow 16ml/r
Work pump CBGj2063
Flow 63ml/r
Steering System
Type Articulated hydraulic steering
Steering control valve model BZZ5-250
Turning control valve model YSF25S-00
Steering angle left or right 36±1°
Minimum turning radius 5018(mm)
Main transmission type Single reduction
Wheel reduction type Simple planetary gear reduction
Tire size 16/70-20
Front wheel pressure 0.22Mpa
Rear wheel pressure 0.20Mpa
Service brake Air over hydraulic disc on 4 wheels
Parking brake Manual parking brake
Refill Capacity
Fuel tank 70L
Transmission 25L
Front axle 9KG
Rear axle 9KG
Hydraulic tank 140L

1. Thanks to the articulated frame, our backhoe loader has a small turning radius which makes it flexible enough even for the narrowest sites.

2. For this 2500KG backhoe, its loader bucket and backhoe bucket are scientifically designed referring to JCB 3CX and John Deere 310SE respectively, and large glass windows provide sufficient sunlight and excellent visibility, thereby offering unrivalled operator comfort.

3. With the help of air-over-hydraulic caliper disc brake (service brake) and outboard-mounted drum-type parking brake (hand brake), there is no need to worry about driving safety because reliable braking force will be provided at once when needed.

4. Our backhoe loader uses hydrostatic transmission system to ensure reliable power transmission, while all travelling and working movements are carried out in a simple yet reliable way owing to the implementation of hydraulic steering system, power shift gearbox and hydraulic controlled attachments.

5. Equipped with wide-base low-pressure tyres and oscillating rear axle, this AWD backhoe loader exhibits remarkable passability even under off-road conditions.

6. The backhoe bucket allows side sliding, so our backhoe loader fits for more applications since its digging area is broadened.

7. For operator comfort and safety considerations, a 360° rotating suspension seat with armrest and safety belt is applied. Moreover, it is very convenient to refill diesel oil and engine oil, and users could check oil level easily.

As a dedicated construction machinery provider, YINENG has exclusive agencies in 10 countries, and these agencies, along with our foreign trade department, will offer all-round services that are necessary for the maintenance of our backhoe loader. In addition, OEM is also available.

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