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Wheel Loader / 5000KG Wheel Loader

As a prominent engineering machinery manufacturer in China, YINENG is delighted to offer a wide range of wheeled loaders, and YN959 is a featured product.

Technical Data of YN959 Wheel Loader

Item Specification Item Specification
Bucket capacity 3m3 Min. turning radius (outside of rear tyres) 6360mm
Rated load 5000kg Steering angle 35°
Dump height 3100mm Min. ground clearance 478mm
Dump reach 1280mm Wheel base 3200mm
Cycle time: lift 6s Wheel tread 2250mm
Max. travel speed 38km/h Engine power 162kW/2200rpm
Max. breakout force 170kN Tyre 23.5-25
Max. traction 150kN Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 7960×3070×3490mm
Max. grade ability 28° Operating weight 17000kg

Note: The YN959 wheel loader comes with SDEC SC11CB220G2B1 engine (162kW/China I/Caterpillar technology), pilot-operated joystick, electronic WG180 gearbox and articulated frame as standard configuration, while Cummins 6CTA8.3-C215, WG200 gearbox, air conditioner, quick-change device, ROPS cab are optional.

1. The YN959 wheel loader uses WG180 electronic gearbox to achieve smooth operation and high power output, and this gearbox is manufactured using ZF (ZF Friedrichshafen) technology.

2. Our 5T wheel loader is powered by a diesel engine to provide high torque, and this engine is supplied by SDEC (Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.).

3. The single-stage three-element torque converter and planetary gear set are made by Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group. These two components are designed with compact structure, and they are of superior reliability.

4. A flexible shaft is employed to realize simple power shift among 7 gears: Forward 1, Forward 2, Forward 3, Forward 4, Reverse 1, Reverse 2 and Reverse 3.

5. Thanks to the implementation of dual pump confluence technology, higher fuel efficiency is obtained, and the reinforced drive axles boast big loading capacity, thus improving our wheel loader's reliability.

6. This wheeled loading shovel uses coaxial flow amplifying steering unit to provide excellent reliability and flexibility during operation, and double sealed rubber hose connectors help to avoid liquid leakage.

7. Forced cooling is adopted by the traveling and hydraulic systems to enhance working efficiency, while emergency brake, air-operated internal-expanding parking brake and air-over-hydraulic brake system with 8 caliper disc brakes are both employed to deliver reliable braking performance.

8. Our 5000KG wheel loader has a reinforced, large-span articulated frame for better rigidity and reliability, while hinge joints for work tools are dust proof, well sealed and well lubricated.

9. This material handling equipment has a luxury instrument panel inside the comfortable cab to facilitate operator's work, and there is a device used to level the bucket after lifting.

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