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Wheel Loader / 3000KG Wheel Loader

YINENG is a trusted construction machinery provideraimed at manufacturing perfect engineering machinery for worldwide customers, and YN938 wheel loader is a perfect example.

Developed from YN935, the YN938 wheel loader is 700kg heavier though its rated load is also 3T, and it is more robust and stable during work because of its articulated structure.

Technical Data and Product Retrofit
Aside from working as conventional wheel loaders, the YN938 wheel loader could be retrofitted into grass grabber or log grabber by changing its attachments.

Technical Data of YN938 Wheel Loader

Item Specification Item Specification
Bucket capacity 1.8m3 Min. turning radius (outside of rear tyres) 5160mm
Rated load 3000kg Steering angle 36°
Dump height 3000mm Min. ground clearance 375mm
Dump reach 1050mm Wheel base 2850mm
Cycle time: lift 5.5s Wheel tread 1700mm
Max. travel speed 36km/h Engine power 92kW/2300rpm
Max. breakout force 103kN Tyre 17.5-25
Max. traction 90kN Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 7020×2510×3230mm
Max. grade ability 30° Operating weight 10200kg

Note: WEICHAI DEUTZ WP6G125E23 diesel engine (92kW) comes as standard configuration, while Cummins 6BT5.9-C130 (97kW/Euro I), air conditioner, joystick, quick-change device and ROPS cab are all provided on request.

This 3T wheeled loader is particularly suitable to load and transport bulk materials (loose soil, sandy soil, gravel, coal, garbage, etc.) in factories, ports, goods yards, mining plants, road construction sites, capital construction sites and other places.

But, as a piece of multifunctional engineering machinery, our wheel loader offers more than that. For example, it can drag goods, level the ground or transfer stacks, and it can also grapple wood/grass, remove snow or lift boxes if corresponding attachment is applied.

1. The applied WEICHAI DEUTZ 6-cylinder engine provides strong traction, while Perkins, Cummins and other engines are optional to satisfy different customers.
2. Due to the hydrostatic transmission system and its split structure, the 3000KG wheel loader is able to offer reliable performance, and maintenance can be conducted easily.
3. The BS428 fixed countershaft power shift gearbox is manufactured by Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd., and it is of reliable quality to simplify operation.
4. Thanks to the joystick and load sensing hydraulic steering system, easy and flexible operation is assured, thus reducing operator fatigue. In addition, the risk of oil leakage is also eliminated.
5. For safety considerations, our bucket loader is equipped with caliper disc brakes at four wheels.

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